b-uncut: Redefining the Online Art Market

Recently I was invited to go to the www.b-uncut.com launch party and exhibit. I was really excited about the work that b-uncut is doing to build a community and marketplace for emerging and contemporary artists. The brain child of artist and abstract photographer, Philip Letts, b-uncut aims to create a community where artists can “free themselves from the confines of the legacy art marketplace, where all too often galleries and auction houses act as choke points rather than facilitators.”

b-uncut essential becomes a community that breaks down the barriers to entry that many young artists face. This in its self is something I was very impressed with. They seem to have built it into their business plan to be constantly trying and find new ways to hightlight and support the work of their artists. This in the early stages of an artists career can be vital. The dialogue between artists on b-uncut backs this up to a great extent. They have utilized the space as a creative forum in which they can critique each others work and offer each other advice in constructive ways. The website currently has over 700 artists, including several emerging artists such as, Marie Kazalia (USA), Claudie Bastide (France) or Mirko Sevic to name a few.

One of the ways b-uncut highlights the work of their artist is through a very well executed virtual online gallery(http://b-uncut.com/gallery/index.html). This provides the user with the visual experience of walking through a gallery space, and is frequently updated to spotlight new artists – a fun nod to the traditional art market. The site brings art lovers and buyers together with the artists, covering everything from painters and photographers to digital artists.

b-uncut is a perfect example of how social media and the web can be used to make art more accessible.

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