Cord in the Kingsway Tram Subway


British artist Conrad Shawcross has teamed up with arts organization Measure for his latest work, Cord. Opening next Thursday, the exhibit has been set up inside the old Kingsway Tram Subway – which has been closed since the early 50’s. On the website Cord is described as being
“concerned with the human perception of time, as both a linear and cyclical notion. The rope becomes a strong structural metaphor, as it is a clear linear entity made up and formed by a cyclical process. Each point on the rope can be traced back to a certain moment during the show and duration becomes interchangeable with length; time with space, an hour being around 20 cm, a day around six meters.”
It sounds like a fascinating installation and a great chance to check out one of London’s old abandoned sites. Best of all tickets are free, although must be pre-booked.
Tours run from 11am to 6pm every hour on the hour from October 8th to November 8th 2009. Visitors will have approx half an hour in the Subway to view the artwork and space. Visitors must arrive 10mins before their booked time and congregate at the meeting point outside Central St Martin’s College before being taken to the Subway by tour guides.
For more information visit

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