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Debut Album: Earth and Earthly Things by Cutaways

Laura Scott – Tuesday 07.07.09, 14:12pm

Cutaways debut album: Earth and Earthly Things

Cutaways debut album: Earth and Earthly Things

Cutways debut album, Earth and Earthly Things, is an energetic introduction into the upbeat, delirious and dizzying world of the Cutaways jagged and boisterous indie pop music.

The synth-driven indie-pop trio has made a name for themselves over the past year with their shouty boy-girl vocals and pounding beats, accompanied by catchy pop hooks. Featured last year on BBC Radio One’s ‘Introducing Session’, their debut album has been highly anticipated.

The 12-track debut album is full of odd tempos and chaotic interludes. Although it often feels as like their songs are spiralling into complete chaos, they always seem to maintain an over arching sense of coherence, that only highlights their pop sensibilities. However, this can make the album quite hard to access at first and it was only after a few listens that I found myself absorbed in the rhythm and playfulness that underpins Earth and Earthly Things.

Despite initially feeling under whelmed by the album, as I began to listen closely to the harmonic punchy construction of their songs, I realized that every song had something truly new and creative to offer it’s listeners.

Cutaways will be playing a number of shows over the summer throughout the UK to promote their new album. Known for their vibrant performances, which have featured everything from rap cameos to impromptu puppet shows, they promise to deliver something a little out of the ordinary – much like their music.

Cutaways: Earth and Earthly Things track listing:

1. Mile of Kroton
2. Weapons of Choice
3. I Spilled Your Drink So You Broke My Heart
4. Hey Map My Way
5. Wrong Causes, Right Words
6. Early Things
7. A Better Paul
8. Lovers Are Lunatics
9. I Don’t Understand What You Don’t Say
10. Secret Distance
11. Lights
12. Fight To The Death

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