– New Music Video Streaming Service


For those who know me, you will be well aware that I have had a longstanding interest in the ways in which the music industry is trying to adapt its distribution models in light of peer to peer file sharing and the popularity of such sites as YouTube.


After many labels stuck their heads in the sand ignoring the impact social media would have their bottom line, or chose to address it purely from a legal perspective, it finally seems that there are some creative solutions being developed to ensure artists actually get a few pennies in their pocket at the end of the day for their work.


The latest attempt to engage with social media, and well address the fact that people will go to the online to view music videos, comes from a new streaming music video site called MUZU. I know there are plenty of other streaming sites, and really with all the content you could possibly ever want on YouTube why should you start using MUZU? Simple, to support the artists whose videos you watch. Essentially, the service shares 50% of the advertising profits whether the videos are played on MUZU or external sites like MySpace, Bebo, Facebook with the artist. Which seems like a good enough reason for me to make the switch (at least for music).


MUZU is based in Dublin, Ireland, but available globally online at In addition to giving something back to the artists, Muzu allows users to watch thousands of music videos for free with all the standard things we would expect to see from a streaming video site (embeddable links, ability to make own channel, etc.)

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