The Cure Is Knowledge – Aaron Solowoniuk of Billy Talent discusses Skate 4 Cancer

This Thursday Skate4Cancer will be coming to Scala with Silverstein to help raise awareness of cancer.

S4C was started by Rob Dyer after he lost his mother, both grandmothers and a close friend to cancer within a year’s span. Rob is a truly inspirational individual who turned something very tragic into a source of inspiration, dedicating himself to raising awareness of cancer, especially amongst young people.

In 2004, S4C was formed as a project that would see him and his crew skate across North America, building awareness and raising money to fight cancer. Since then the 25 year old has now skateboarded across North America, and will be taking on New Zealand and Australia in the new year.

S4C is about “inspiring youth and building a community of informed people who were hyped on getting involved and making healthy choices that prevented contracting the disease in the first place. Rob always understood the importance of medical research, but felt that his purpose was to focus more on the preventative lifestyle decisions that are often ignored by many charities. Instead of concentrating on collecting money for research, Rob preferred to inspire people…”

Rob is an amazing individual who on a daily basis proves just how much one can achieve with a little bit of passion.
A friend of mine recently made this video of Aaron Solowoniuk from Billy Talent discussing Skate 4 Cancer. Check it out and if you can make sure to come down to Scala Thursday December 10th.

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