Photographers Rights In The UK

As many of my regular readers know I love photography and frequently spend my weekends wandering around London with my camera in hand. However, there seems to be a rise in the harassment and even arrests of innocent photographers by police invoking anti-terrorism laws. This makes it all the more important for photographers to know their rights…which is one of the reasons I love this info sheet on photographers’ rights designed by David McCandless and Joe Swainson.

I believe that it is important for police to be able to do their jobs, but after hearing from an 60 year old grandmother who had her film destroyed, you have to start wondering if paranoia is killing art.

“Download and print the PDF, cut it out and stick it in your wallet or purse. If you’re stopped by police for taking photos, whip out the sheet and instantly check your rights.”

Posted via web from Everything Popular is Wrong

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