PressPausePlay – The Evolution of the Creative Industries

I came across this really interesting teaser for the upcoming film “Press Pause Play” yesterday and personally cannot wait for it to come out.

The film is about the change in production, distribution and consumption of creative works in a digital age. It takes the viewer on a journey across the creative landscape focusing on just how rapidly it is evolving.

See what the filmmakers have to say about the film below:

“A new generation of global creators and artists are emerging, equipped with other points of reference and other tools. The teachers arenʼt certified schools anymore – itʼs web sites, discussion forums and a “learn by doing”-mentality. We see the children of a digital age, unspoiled or uneducated depending on who you ask. Collaboration over hierarchy, digital over analog – a change in the way we produce, distribute and consume creative works.

PressPausePlay is the first film to capture this new ecosystem. We meet the creatives at the frontier of production, the technical enablers of collaboration and distribution, the artists, the pop stars, the film makers, the business men, the visionaries and the ones left behind. It’s a story from the smallest molecule to the largest corporation. It’s a snapshot of today, but at the same time predictions of a near future.

Were not creating a documentary in the classical sense of shaky cameras, bad lighting and unbearable sound. Although we have a small budget, we got big aspirations. The film will in itself be a proof of the evolution story were telling, shot in digital 4K and finished at the end of 2010. Ready for both the big (cinema) and the small (mobile) screen. We will release rough edits and interviews as well as the final film free for anyone to use, broadcast and distribute.

PressPausePlay will be an observation, a testimony and a tribute.

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