Life Between the Sticks

So I don’t usually write about football… or anything sports related to be honest, but there are always exceptions.
The other day I was sent an email about a great exhibition taking place at the Getty Images Gallery in London, entitled ‘Life Between the Sticks’ which will be running between 4th-15th May. The exhibit champions the unsung heroes of the game, and is definitely worth checking out if you are into either football or photography.
Renowned photojournalist Tom Stoddart has led a number of professional and amateur photographers to create the exhibition depicting the life of a goalkeeper. The exhibit features images of some of England’s most famous goalkeepers, in addition to amateur images which including everything from the school playground and local park to fans cheering on their team at Wembley. The exhibit which has been put together as part of E.ON’s sponsorship of the FA Cup has done an incredible job of capturing the excitement of the game and all the emotions connected to it – from triumph to disaster.

To find out more about the exhibit go here

“Nathan has been perfecting the art of goalkeeping for five years, after admiring Peter Schmeichel for many years. Eternally superstitious, When Nathan finishes a game with a clean sheet he will faithfully wear the same pair of boxers for the next game”

Matthew joined Farsley Celtic FC when he was just six years old and aspires to be like his favourite player Paul Rachubka of Blackpool FC. His fearlessness, bravery and absolute commitment to the cause has earned the young keeper multiple man of the match awards already this season.

Neil’s devotion to the art of goalkeeping is extraordinary. In addition to dedicating four nights a week to coaching young goalkeepers from around the Manchester area, he also gives a further two nights to training another local football team. Never one to miss an opportunity to get on the pitch himself, Neil also squeezes in the time to polish his own skills by managing and playing for Manchester Gregorian’s FC.


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