Photographer Tim Lisko created these beautiful abstract images by leaving the shutter of his camera open while on a high-speed bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka.

In the artist statement on his site, Lisko explains how he got into photography stating:

“In 2001, in an elevator in the Bank of America Corporate Center, somewhere between the metal detector at the lobby’s entrance and my cubicle on the 72nd floor, I realized I was dying — not immediately, but inevitably, and that the pile of papers I’d been spending my life shuffling from one end of my desk to the other, would, in the end, mean nearly nothing.

That moment has colored everything since. It has meant the end of doing what I was supposed to do; the end of being responsible first; the end of trying to synthesize the practical and the lucrative into a life plan my guidance counselor would recommend. Somewhere along the line, I picked up my camera. And I used it as a sort of dowsing rod which I hoped would point itself toward something that would turn out to be important to me. That something turned out to be a sense of balance, of simplicity, of stillness.”

It is refreshing to read such an honest statement, about someone who has actually taken that chance and followed their heart to find something they are truly passionate about. I look forward to seeing more of Lisko’s work in the future.

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