The First Chapter Project

The first chapter is often one of the most important. It is the writers first opportunity to grab the readers attention and to draw them into the narrative. It is where the setting is established and the characters are introduced. Yet for various reasons so many writers get stuck in these opening pages. As we move on to other projects, these stories are left behind incomplete and untold.

For me there has always been something intriguing about the stories you never hear, and it is this intrigue that has inspired me to create The First Chapter Project. The project will allow something to be created out of the incomplete story.

While I am not entirely sure of the format it will take yet (possibly a limited edition magazine or website), I would like to ask you to submit your first chapters to the project. Hopefully, together we will be able to build an archive of first chapters.

All chapters should be submitted to:
laura.popjunkietv [at]

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