National Tourist Routes in Norway

National Tourist Routes in Norway

National Tourist Routes in Norway

National Tourist Routes in Norway

Its not everyday I get excited about roads. In fact as a kid there was nothing I hated more than being stuck in a cramped, stuffy car. However, a friend in Norway recently told me about this incredible initiative started by the government in 2005 called the National Tourist Routes in Norway. The project aims to open up the stunning Norwegian landscape to tourists through a series of architectural viewpoints that enhance their surroundings.

The government have worked with an array of talented architects who have taken their inspiration from the surrounding enviroment to create something really special. The Aurland Lookout designed by Saunders & Wilhelmsen Arkitektur (top) is a great example of this. The structure was designed to pull the viewer away from the roadside and lift them past the trees, allowing for the viewer to be completely surrounded by the panorama of the fjord at Stegastein.

The route is currently comprised of 18 selected stretches from north to south of the country, although it is all part of a 15-year project, so we can expect to see more of these amazing structures appearing around Norway.

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