Rethinking everyday urban structures: Recycling Billboards into Modern Residential Buildings



With the demand for space in urban centres constantly on the rise, we are seeing more and more architects looking for new ways to utilise existing structures and create new usable spaces.
One of the most interesting I have seen recently is this proposal by Front Architects to turn old billboards into lofted one bedroom homes. These unusually thin homes could be built in place from scratch, others could be transported to new locations or even left where they are in some potentially fascinating places.
As a concept I love this rethinking of everyday urban structures, finding a new use for the artefacts of our built capitalist environment as times change (and advertising increasingly moves online).
However, I am not sure what it would be like to live somewhere so public, even if you are removed from the street level. You would be surrounded, but at the same time very exposed.

What do you think – would you live in a billboard?

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