Dyslexie: A New font designed for dyslexics


I’m a bit of a typeface geek, but this has to be one of the most interesting innovation I have seen in recent years.

The Dutch design firm StudioStudio have created a typeface designed specifically to be easier for those with dyslexia to read. Dyslexics tend to rotate and mix up the order of letters, so to prevent this from happening Dyslexie has been designed to incorporates a number of features to make it easier to recognise their true orientation. This includes making letters heavier at the bottom, and adding thicker lines to make it easier to recognize their true orientation. They have also exaggerated openings, adding extensions, and slants – again all making it easier to distinguish letters. Capital letters and punctuation, meanwhile, are rendered in bold to make the beginnings and endings of sentences more clear. The result a type face that has been proven to make reading easier for dyslexics.

Check out the above video for more detail.

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