Stumptown’s Colombia Source Trip


I am currently working on a feature about cafe culture and the history of coffee in London for a new iPad magazine by Shiny Media. While I was doing some research, I came across this wonderful short film from Stumptown, a Portland-based coffee roaster.

The film follows the company as they travel to Colombia and explore the growing communities that make their brews possible. Filmmaker Trevor Fife, does a beautiful job capturing the coffee farmers in their element, highlighting the intense relationship between these growers, the coffee and their communities.

It’s really interesting to see just how much the individuals involved in the early stages of production, impact the final product. “It’s not so much about the job itself, but the passion you put into it,” explains Walter Peña of Finca Aguas Blancas. “And the… feeling of belonging. It’s the most important part of being a coffee farmer.”