Bikes Alive Logo Contest


Bikes Alive logo by protest artist Xylo


Bikes Alive Logo by Everything Popular is Wrong 

About a year ago I was hit by a car while cycling to work along a cycle path in central London. All things considered I was quite lucky and escaped with only a minor concussion and a couple of stitches. I was determined not to let this accident stop me from cycling, so the next morning I got up early and cycled the very same route through Russell Square into work. 

Over the last few months I have watched the City of London make a number of ‘improvements’ to the roads along this busy cycling route. However, these ‘improvements’ have actually made cycling worse – less safe, less convenient, and quite frankly make me question whether it is actually safe to be cycling into work any more. After being hit by a car along this very route, it has been disappointing to watch the city rip out what little cycling infrastructure there was to keep cyclists safe. 

The grotesque disregard for cyclists safety is not just happening around Russell Square…It is a citywide epidemic. London’s roads urgently need to be made safer for cyclists and all other road users. It was for this reason ‘Bikes Alive,’ a new direct action campaigning group, was started. They aim to counter the lethargy of transport for london, and its prioritising of london traffic flow over the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. January 9th saw the first of a series of direct action traffic calming gatherings at king’s cross designed to pressure TfL into more urgent action over the deadly junction. This coming Monday (January 23rd), cyclists and others will once again forcibly, but non-violently, calm the traffic at Kings Cross for an hour – in opposition to Transport for London’s policy of prioritising vehicle speed above the safety and health of everyone else on the streets. 

Bikes Alive is still very much in its infancy, and needs as much support as possible to help spread the message. For this reason Everything Popular is Wrong has teamed up with Bikes Alive to run a small design competition. We are challenging you to create a logo that we can use on flyers and posters to create awareness of the group. The winner will have their work featured on Everything Popular is Wrong, and will hopefully receive a puncture kit or other cycling related kit (I am still sourcing prizes).

Please submit all entires to:
Laura [at] everythingpopulariswrong [dot] com

**The winner will be selected February 23rd 2012

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